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Taking part in fundraising activities helps children to learn about others that are less fortunate than themselves and understand how we can help them. Fundraising events are good fun and are a great way to get children, families and communities together. Some of the fundraisers we have taken part in are; sponsored toddles, superhero days, bake sales, fun days and food bank collections. We have fund-raised for charities such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.

ZooLab visits helps nourish our children’s curiosity and creates interest in the outdoor environment by introducing children to all sorts of animals, insects and reptiles.

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Our nursery offers complimentary settling in sessions. Parents can bring their child for a couple of hours first, gradually introducing the child to a new environment. Settling in sessions are aimed at helping your child to adapt to their new surroundings and become more familiar with the staff and other children.


We regularly organize community outings for our children at the Wendyhouse. The children love our visits to local nature parks, supermarkets, pet shops, nursing home, garden centre and our local library. This is a great opportunity for children to learn outside of the nursery setting, socializing within our small and friendly community.

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Baby sensory activities are designed to develop childrens' senses, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. It can be used as a type of therapy for children with limited communication skills. We use a variety of sensory experiences allowing the children to develop touch, smell and sound.

We celebrate Christmas by putting on a wonderful Christmas show for friends and family each year. There's always much excitement in preparing for the show as we learn songs and organise our special dress ups.


We celebrate the big move to primary school with a special graduation ceremony each year—caps, gowns, the works!


In recognition that education begins in the home, we are fully committed to a partnership approach with parents.  Parents are kept up to date with annual parent’s evenings.  Parents are also able to keep up to date with activities going on in the nursery by following our group social media accounts; Wendyhouse Nursery Forfar Facebook


We fully utilize our garden space, where the children can undertake multiple activities, including; planting, gardening, sensory and imaginative play, climbing and cycling. We provide endless resources to create a variety of play and exercise.


At the Wendyhouse Nursery School we like to encourage outdoor learning and play. Exploring the different affects of the seasons on our natural surroundings.


Throughout the year the children at the Wendyhouse take part in a variety of activities including visits to farms to meet the animals, to the local park and the zoo.


The Wendyhouse Forfar benefits from its fantastic location with the local park on our doorstep. Both children and staff enjoy our nature walks. Collecting sticks and leaves to use in our small play and as art resources. Building dens, having picnics and story telling. The children often see squirrels, birds and search for insects under logs which enhances their understanding of nature and all of its little creatures.


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